Aluminum is a metal known for its vast versatility and excellent adaptability. It can be used for numerous applications. additionally, aluminum is a cost-efficient option with the level of durability provided. 

One of the only disadvantages of using aluminum bars is that one can sometimes find it extremely hectic to find the right grade of aluminum to use according to the suitability of a particular application. However, aluminum alloys even today continue to become cost-efficient as the days go by. Even high-performing aluminum alloys are super cost-effective and affordable. 

This blog will help you solve your dilemma about choosing the right aluminum bar for our specific applications. 

Benefits of using aluminum bars.

  1. Aluminum metal is not found in its exact form. This metal is found in the form of ore in the crust of the earth. The bauxite ore is then treated and aluminum is extracted from it. Hence, aluminum is available in abundance and there is an extremely low to the negative possibility of the industry running out of aluminum. 
  2. Aluminum bars have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This property makes it highly efficient for engineering and architectural industries. 
  3. Aluminum bars are extremely durable and can withstand extreme forces. It is proven that aluminum bars and products made out of the same can withstand twice the energy and force compared to steel. 
  4. One of the major advantages of using Aluminium Round bars is their corrosion resistance. Just like stainless steel, aluminum metal forms a natural passivation layer that protects it from corrosive media. 
  5. Besides these major advantages aluminum is also a highly formable metal with ease of fabrication and manufacturing. It can be bent and formed into an endless number of shapes in varying sizes and dimensions. Aluminum bars are extremely ductile with excellent thermal and electric conductivity. 
  6. Aluminum tends to be a hygienic metal with sanitary properties that prohibits the growth of microbes on its surface making it highly suitable for industries such as food and beverage production and medical. 
  7. Aluminum is extremely eco-friendly i.e., aluminum can be recycled and reused without any loss of its physical, mechanical, or chemical properties. Recycled aluminum has the same structural integrity as a newly extracted piece of metal. This is a huge contributing factor to the abundant availability and cost-efficiency of aluminum metal. 

Now that we know almost everything about aluminum metal bars, let us have a quick look at the numerous types of alloys found with their benefits and properties.  

  1. 6061:

Aluminum grade 6061 is one of the most popular grades of aluminum available in the industry. It can be forged into hex, square, flat, and round bars. Its alloying composition includes magnesium and silicon. Both of these additions enhance the corrosion resistivity of the alloy. Aluminum alloy 6061 is easily machinable and can be hot-rolled or cold-formed. 

  1. 7075:

This grade of aluminum alloy uses zinc as its primary alloying component. It has a particular tempering method that heavily impacts its mechanical abilities. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio with brilliant corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy 7075 is highly suitable for cosmetic applications. 

  1. 2024:

Grade 2024 is primarily alloyed by amalgamating aluminum with copper. Copper by itself is a great metal with excellent properties. However, it is prohibited to use standard welding practices on this grade of aluminum alloy. 2024 does not provide great resistance to corrosion. However, its corrosion resistivity can be enhanced via the anodization method. 

  1. 6063:

Aluminum 6063 is magnesium and silicon-based alloy. It has great tensile strength and adequate corrosion resistivity. Using alloy 6063 results in smooth finished surfaces even in complex shapes. 

Now that you know the various grades of aluminum alloy bars and the benefits they have to offer, it is extremely easy to pick the right bar for a particular application.

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Determining The Right Aluminum Bar and its Application

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