As they form a light and stable oxide layer on the surface upon first exposure to atmospheric oxygen, the materials are highly oxidation resistant. Then, this layer acts against further oxidation as a coating. One of the terminations of the aluminium sheets is the Aluminium Chequered Layer. The mill is done and the sheets and plates are done. The material may come in various types, such as foils, coils and strips, as well.

Aluminum patterned sheets and other forms can vary in thickness from 0.2 mm to 50 mm and width from 500 mm to 2000 mm with lengths of up to 10000 mm. For various uses, it is possible to use different grades of aluminium sheets.

The weight is further reduced by the Perforated Aluminium Layer. Aluminum is already a material that is lightweight. The perforation on the sheets minimises it. The grades that are commercially pure have a cube density of around 3 grams per centimeter. In aerospace, chemical, food processing and high heat applications such as heat exchangers, condensers and even in boiler operations, the Aluminium Plate is used. The numerous variants are often used for similar mechanical characteristics.

The aluminium coils have high thermal conductivity and, even in high temperature applications, tend not to lose their mechanical properties. In certain cases, they can work up to the temperature of 427 degrees Celsius with stable properties.

The Aluminium Chequered Plates are applicable in the flooring for buses, trucks and rail coaches as well as in the flooring of loading bays, kick plates, stair treads and catwalks.

They have numerous excellent features such as High tensile strength, Ductile, Resistance to corrosion, Heat resistant, Low maintenance cost, highly durable, Toughness, and Economical.

For a wide variety of building and structural purposes, aluminium tread plate may be used; this is due to its lightweight, robust, low maintenance nature. Because of its functional and decorative function, its non-slip element allows it to be widely used as vehicle flooring and industry flooring.

In decorative, cosmetic and architectural applications, this extremely reflective, economical product is widely used. Aluminum Diamond Plate is simple to produce with good shaping, drilling and welding ability, and its raised diamond lug pattern provides good resistance to slip.

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Short Brief on Aluminium Chequered Plates

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